The Over 50 Woman’s Guide To Contentment Through Mindfulness

Do you have a sense of profound contentment? No? That’s ok. We all have things to be thankful for, and things we wish were “better.”

Even if things aren’t as perfect as you would like, it is important to feel satisfied that things are good enough and to appreciate all that you are and all that you have.

This is where mindfulness can come into play.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation, which seeks to develop a true appreciation of all things in your life, as opposed to wishing, and hoping things would be a certain way. You can apply mindfulness to many things in your life, but the following would be excellent ones to start on.

Be Thankful For Your Health

Good health isn’t a given right, though most people take it for granted. Though most of us are all born in very good health, it is one of those things that “you reap what you sow.”

If you had a youth rife with booze, cigarettes and junk food, your current health may reflect that. Yes, you can still take into hand your current health, and make the best of it. Appreciate the health you do have, and constantly work on it.

Be Thankful For Family And Friends

One of the things we take for granted the most is our family. Without a doubt, you did it in your youth. You may still be doing it, then stop to wonder why you feel alone or unfulfilled about your life.

Being surrounded by people you love can offer a level of satisfaction and contentment that cannot be replicated, regardless of how much you physically own. Spend time daily with your loved ones and your sense of contentment will grow when you appreciate that they are always there for you.

Be Thankful For Having Time

One major advantage of being a woman over 50 is having ample time. You’ve raised kids, got your house in order, and probably cleared off major debts. This leaves you a lot more free time, as you don’t have pressing need to have a fulltime job.

Working part-time or maybe not at all, gives you time to do the things you love; gardening, knitting, dancing, swimming or anything else you can think of.

Young people have to constantly trade time for money, missing out on many of the small pleasures life has to offer.


Mindfulness is easy to implement, and chances are you are already using it in some aspects of your life. The key is to be aware of and satisfied with where you are in your life, the way you are and the things you may have.

Do not dwell on negative emotions or feel less than gifted. Be content with all you have, and you will enjoy life to the maximum!


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