Discover 7 Ways To Boost Longevity

Want to live past 100? With Great Quality of Life? Forget the fountain of youth, supplements and procedures. The key to living a long and prosperous life may be much simpler than that. And while genes play a basic role in longevity, only 25%, there are things you can do to help incorporate healthy lifestyle habits to promote a long, prosperous life.


These lifestyle habits have been captured in a new documentary called The Human Longevity Project.


That’s why today I want to tell you about, Jason Prall. Jason, along with his film crew, did just that–traveled the world, and came to understand the solutions that allow certain people to live very long, and very happy lives.


And now he’s inviting you to witness his remarkable journey in a first-of-its-kind, 9-part documentary–for free.


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You’ll visit some of the most beautiful places on Earth, speak to the vibrant and spirited people who live there, and be moved and inspired by their stories.


Then you’ll sit in on Jason’s private meetings with the world’s leading experts, authors, doctors and healers.


You’ll be there as they discuss the fundamental principles that afford these people such wonderful, healthy lives.


You’ll gain a deep understanding of how you can implement their knowledge into your own life to get incredible results.


As Jason’s team traveled the world, they noticed some common themes among these populations of healthy centenarians.


Watch The Trailer Here


  1. Have a sense of purpose.

It’s hard to live without a goal in life or a purpose. Even after retirement, it’s crucial that you stay closely connected to family and your community. Living with, or near, your kids, gardening, learning something new, or joining a local club.

Volunteering is also a great way to foster a sense of purpose. Getting a pet is also a great idea. Those who have pets are less likely to get depressed or lonely. They also can stay more physically fit.

  1. Stress.

Learning how to relieve stress is one of the best ways to prevent diseases and reduce inflammation. You can take a walk, listen to music, or just talk to friends.

Meditation and yoga are also 2 of the most fundamental ways to relieve stress and reduce the cortisol in the blood.

Also, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption increases stress levels. So if you’re a smoker, quit today. And if you drink, make sure you only have 1 – 2 drinks maximum each day.

  1. Sleep.

The European Heart Journal published several studies which all agreed on one finding; those who slept less than 6 hours a night for prolonged periods of time doubled their risk of heart attack, stroke, and premature death.

The National Sleep Foundation has some tips on how to get a better night’s sleep:

  • Set the thermostat between 60 – 67 degrees
  • Make the room as dark as you can stand it
  • Practice going to sleep and waking up at the same time
  • An hour before going to sleep, refrain from watching TV or looking at your phone
  • If your mattress is more than 10 years old, consider replacing it with a new one
  1. Good eating habits.

You know by now that you should be eating fruits and vegetables each day, reduce fat, salt and sugar intake. Take supplements and multivitamins, especially calcium and vitamin D, which slow down bone loss and boost the immune system.

  1. Drink lots of water.

Staying hydrated keeps cells hydrated and plump which means smooth, youthful-looking skin. It also helps clean out the bladder colon and kidneys.

Water keeps enhances concentration skills and maintains the cardiovascular system. Adequate intake of water also helps keep your joints healthy and flexible. An added bonus: water helps you lose weight because it helps you stay full longer, helping you eat up to 200 fewer calories per day.

  1. Exercise.

In 1997, a French woman, Jeanne Calment, died at the ripe old age of 122. When she was 85, she started fencing lessons and when she was 100 years old, she was still riding a bike.

Working out regularly keeps your body free from chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart problems, cancer, among others. When you pack on extra weight, you increase your risk for diseases that can affect the quality of your life.

Exercise shouldn’t be just about keeping fit physically, but mentally as well. Challenge your mind by doing crossword puzzles, word searches, or math games. You can also read or try to learn a new skill that you enjoy, but that challenges you at the same time.

  1. Stay socially active.

Want to burn off an extra 500 calories? Work out with a buddy or in a group. Maintaining social ties to friends, family and your community can ward off depression. It also boosts the immune system, ward off diseases, lower cholesterol levels and add life to your years.

At the end of the day, living for many years isn’t about accumulating numbers, it’s about being positive, not dwelling on the difficulties and have a zest for life.


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