Developing Mental And Emotional Vitality To Defy Aging

Vitality is defined as, “the state of being strong and active; energy.” Often times, we associate active, bundles of energy with youth. As we grow older, that initial energy begins to fade into constant fatigue, both mentally and physically. In fact, melatonin levels actually decrease as we get older thus making falling asleep more difficult.

When this occurs, a restless night’s rest can leave adults feeling tired and groggy the next morning. Although biological and even circumstantial changes occur, there are ways to defeat lethargy and regain that youthful, active spirit!

Mental Vitality- How to Work Out Your Mind

Our mind controls our overall state of well-being. We make conscious decisions and even develop close friendships through processing our thoughts. As we get older, stress from jobs or family can leave our minds clouded with negativity. In turn, we are mentally weak which could eventually turn into a physical weakness.

In order to combat negative thinking, it’s imperative to build up your mental strength! It has been quoted that “age is merely a mindset.” If this is true, we are as young as we think! This statement doesn’t refer to immature thinking similar to a child but holding onto your creativity.

Chemical changes could impact memory and information retention. In order to fight these, you’ll have to engage your mind in a little mental work out.

Practice Positive Thinking

It’s easy to get lost in a stream of negative thoughts, to-do lists, and unwarranted stress. If you want to stay energized and strong as you age, you have to take care of your mind. The phrase, “a can’t never could” is like strength training for your brain.

Taking time to reenergize during a long day is also beneficial. Practicing these breaks will allow your mind to regroup. In turn, you will remain energized throughout the day!

Develop Mindfulness into Your Daily Routine

Mindfulness is another excellent practice to cultivate. As we grow older, we begin to become anxious about our past and even our future. Mindfulness takes the pressure away from uncontrollable thoughts and forces you to focus on the present. Breathe in deeply, take notice of your surroundings, and allow your mind to rest.

Mindful thinking can also be a metaphor for life. Despite the chaos that is surrounding you, you choose to focus on your breathing instead- something you can control. Similarly, we cannot prevent growing older. Obsessing over elements out of our control can actually bring about physical signs of aging! Living in the moment and enjoying your present will help you to remain refreshed.

Remove Previous Stigma’s Associated with Aging

Many people believe growing old is just a recipe for disaster. They believe that the exciting experiences dwindle, and the next stop is the nursing home.

Society also associates older individuals with dementia, outlandish behavior, and an overall negative disposition. Sure, growing older does come with its own set of disadvantages. However, when you think about it, so does every other age group.

Children and teenagers are under the ruling of their parents which limits their freedom. 20-somethings struggle with finding their purpose. Individuals reaching their 30’s may deal with feelings of regret. No matter where you are in life, challenges will ensue. This is why removing all negative, stigmatized thinking towards aging is important. This ensures that you will enjoy the aging process without attempting to control it.

Physical Vitality is Attainable

Now that you have your mind energized and youthful, it’s only right that you treat your body similarly. Physical vitality requires effort and a bit of determination. In summation, taking action is vital!

Develop an Active Routine

Do you remember being a child and spending all day bike riding or swimming? How did you feel afterward? Likely, you were able to get up and do it all over again the following day. Nevertheless, that energy fades into adulthood. Those all day swimming episodes may only last 30 minutes to an hour. If you want to regain that energy, you have to resurrect your exercise routine. Exercise not only has lasting health benefits, it can restore your energy. Be careful not to overexert yourself starting off.

Berries and Supplements

Blueberries and strawberries are excellent natural sources of energy! Not to mention, they’re yummy and healthy. Indulging in a healthy amount of energy boosting foods will give you that extra push to endure the day. In addition, supplements such as calcium and B12 promote strength and energy. These come in handy when you experience deficiencies that could cause lethargy. Implement these into your daily diet in order to maintain a balanced system.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Researchers have found that certain foods promote energy while others drag us down. Processed, sugary, and foods high in saturated fats are all examples of food to avoid when seeking personal strength. Maintaining a healthy diet will not only promote a healthy body, it will activate your mind as well.

Growing old doesn’t have to be a fearful experience. Many people find great peace once they’ve reached a certain age. By implementing these simple practices into your daily life, you will overcome the fear of aging and hold onto your vitality!

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