5 Ways I Doubled My Productivity Over Lockdown And How These Lessons Can Be Used And Applied By Anybody Now!

Due to the onset of COVID-19 restrictions and the falling oil price. I received a weeks notice from my employer.

As the entire office relocated to their homes and employed new working practices there were intial bottle necks.

So I got an eleventh hour reprieve and issued with a casual work from home, remote login till the end of June. Saved!

To be honest. I imagined 2-3 days a week work, the opportunity to get some jobs done around the house, gain some brownie points from my wife.

Also some time to make a start on that book Ive always threatened to write.

And in the present perilous economical enviroment develop my online business so I can start making some money. Enough so that someday I could replace my day job.


Here is how everything played out for you step-by-step


Step 1: Priorities – the cracks started to develop in our relationship

An immediate flow of work stated to come in from my company, to tight deadlines, before I even had chance to set up my workstation. No softstart here!

My wifes to-do list was growing ‘arms and legs’. Glue and clamp the cracked table, take the piano to the tip, prune trees, clean pool and fit new pool gates.

Any hope of doing what I’d like to do, went right out of the window.

OK: So complete overwhelm!

Step 1: Lets align my priorities here! 🚦

  • What I MUST DO above everything else and what’s VERY IMPORTANT : Are the bookable hours for my job and exercise, a 5:45am run with the boys, 3 times a week. (not neccesarily in that order!)
  • My wifes job list, although is NOT IMPORTANT to me, make it so. Just like the cracks in the table, a fractured personal relationship will destroy your productivity. This is where WE have to be smart so I DELEGATE: Airtasker to remove the piano, solicite some help from my son, to clamp and glue the table top, and fit the pool gates. Anything non essential on my wifes list, or mine, DELETE at this time.
  • Whats important to me but not urgent: Are my passion projects. Writing a book and building an online business. Any time left, no matter how small I’d like to keep chipping away at these pursuits. Im not a writer, but learning a framework for writing an article (like this blog post). If you can do all the set up for an online business and have it delivering a passive income for you. If I had only worked 2-3 days a week. I could of supplemented that income by working online.

So getting any task done, as  quickly as poosible, whats the most productive way?



Step 2: Time management – Get stuff done that you want to do. ⏲️

I signed up to an email challenge to write a book in 30 days, allocating just 30minutes a day.

I received an email everyday, and took action from the prompts.

Challenges are a great way to get results. In my case $100 for one on one contact with a New York Times best selling author. I found that support invaluable in the first week. but once I found my feet I just did the work.

OK: for such a massive challenge and so little time. how do I get shit like this done?

  • By timeblocking 20 mins with a 5 minute break and get ‘in flow’
  • I used this technique to write, this my first blog post. by focus, outlining, timeblocking 20mins for each step, then edit.

So getting any task done, in a controlled way so you dont over run as  quickly as poosible. Whats the most productive way?

Double Your Productivity In 48 Hours


Step 3. Communcation – Comments and feedback with my paying work. 🔊

Back to my day job. I received a ‘mark up’ for some work. I thought I fully understood what was required and worked all day and submitted finished (or so I thought).

Only to receive comments, that wholesale changes were required, and still wanted for tomorrow. So I went back to work after dinner, got up the following day at 5am to complete the changes. Yet still only able to book 8 hours.

Get it right first time. How you can stop major re-work, burning hours without the deadline changing or being paid for it.

OK: The technique I used would ensure I never got caught out
like this again.

  • As soon as I had something to show. I’d send it back for comments. At times I felt like I was exposing my lack of understanding of the task at hand. Or that the recipient would’ve of expected more from me.
  • I’m encouraging feedback here. Am I on the right lines?
    Is something to be added or deleted?

So getting any task done, without any distractions as quickly as poosible. Whats the most productive way?


Step 4: Focus – Shiny object Syndrone awareness 💎

We’d bought an aeropress, coffee grinder and a kilo of our favourite coffee shop beans. Because what would be do if we couldnt get a barista made coffe every morning!

One morning, well before work. I was making my coffee, checking my emails when one jumped out at me, that I felt compelled to view.

I spotted a jaw dropping offer. A guaranteed 4 x your intial investment
to build an internet product delivery system. Classic shiny object syndrone.

OK: So now I was distracted. how do I re-focus?

  • It good to get distracted beacuse our brains are hard-wired to crave something new. But what distractions am I talking about here? Your personal phone and laptop notifications?

But what happens if all these tasks build up, and we get stressed out and overloaded?


Step 5: All Burned out! 🔥

I’ve been very grateful to still be in work over the Covid lockdown. Even though its been access all areas, from 4.30 am to Midnight. Monday thru Friday and weekends.

Employing all these productivity techniques I havent been tired. I’ve been energised. In part, being able to make progress on my passion projects.

But if you are feeling stressed out/burnt out. Whats the final technique I would recommend?

Simply reducing the number of decisions you make for the day!

Don’t make the decision of what clothes to wear and stay in your pyjamas!😉

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The Over 50 Woman’s Guide To Contentment Through Mindfulness

Do you have a sense of profound contentment? No? That’s ok. We all have things to be thankful for, and things we wish were “better.”

Even if things aren’t as perfect as you would like, it is important to feel satisfied that things are good enough and to appreciate all that you are and all that you have.

This is where mindfulness can come into play.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation, which seeks to develop a true appreciation of all things in your life, as opposed to wishing, and hoping things would be a certain way. You can apply mindfulness to many things in your life, but the following would be excellent ones to start on.

Be Thankful For Your Health

Good health isn’t a given right, though most people take it for granted. Though most of us are all born in very good health, it is one of those things that “you reap what you sow.”

If you had a youth rife with booze, cigarettes and junk food, your current health may reflect that. Yes, you can still take into hand your current health, and make the best of it. Appreciate the health you do have, and constantly work on it.

Be Thankful For Family And Friends

One of the things we take for granted the most is our family. Without a doubt, you did it in your youth. You may still be doing it, then stop to wonder why you feel alone or unfulfilled about your life.

Being surrounded by people you love can offer a level of satisfaction and contentment that cannot be replicated, regardless of how much you physically own. Spend time daily with your loved ones and your sense of contentment will grow when you appreciate that they are always there for you.

Be Thankful For Having Time

One major advantage of being a woman over 50 is having ample time. You’ve raised kids, got your house in order, and probably cleared off major debts. This leaves you a lot more free time, as you don’t have pressing need to have a fulltime job.

Working part-time or maybe not at all, gives you time to do the things you love; gardening, knitting, dancing, swimming or anything else you can think of.

Young people have to constantly trade time for money, missing out on many of the small pleasures life has to offer.


Mindfulness is easy to implement, and chances are you are already using it in some aspects of your life. The key is to be aware of and satisfied with where you are in your life, the way you are and the things you may have.

Do not dwell on negative emotions or feel less than gifted. Be content with all you have, and you will enjoy life to the maximum!