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How to Transition Into Middle Age and Live the Best Possible Rest of Your Life.

Hi there,

My name is Midlife Mark. Approaching my 50th year I started to look and feel my age, a little insecure and less satisfied than any other period in my life. I ‘rolled over’ my super (pension) accounts to assess the state of play and wondered if over the next 15 years I could build a financial nest egg that would provide a traditional retirement.


Joanne & Mark New York Marathon Finish Central Park Nov 2014
Joanne & Mark New York Marathon Finish Central Park Nov 2014

Popular culture has ‘laughingly’ termed these many feelings of disillusionment as your ‘midlife crisis’. Except its no laughing matter!


  • My hair started graying, I couldn’t read the small print on packaged food, eyebrows needed trimming. When I washed my face first thing in the morning and looked up into the mirror, my face was still in the plug hole! OK granted, hardly newsworthy! But how about the following problems I encountered…could these derail the second part of my life?
  • Chronic joint pain, from overuse…tendonitis, a precursor to arthritis?
  • Just when I felt I was getting back into shape, further setbacks… calf muscle micro tears, excruciating foot pain… I couldn’t exercise, I started to feel down, like I was falling to pieces.
  • I’d never had too much problem managing my weight, however I’d now started to notice the dreaded…middle aged spread. Just a few extra kilos deposited around the belly…The cycle had begun.
  • I started to question what I was eating. My diet had served me well as a younger man, what had now changed? There seemed conflicting nutritional advice and I was worried about muscle wastage and natural hormone production.
  • Then some life threatening stuff. My family history revealed a risk of bowel cancer. A colonoscopy followed and follow up surveillance thereafter.
  • My natural optimism started to fade, how I felt about myself,the future and my role within it. Began feeling less motivated at work, my position was made redundant anyway. I slipped into short term contract/casual work, eventually moving Interstate for work, leaving my family at home. I shouldn’t be living like this, not at my age.
  • I’d collected another home loan/mortgage debt, that would have me working till I was 80. How would I be able to make home loan payments when my working days were over? (Migrated from the UK to Australia in search of a ‘better life’ and took 10 year’s to get back onto the property ladder).
  • Starting to question, whether after a lifetime of work I would truly be free!

I started to hatch out a Midlife Masterplan. If you don’t have good physical health and the right mindset, how can you hope to muster the energy to create wealth for yourself and your family and enjoy the rest of your life? It was time to get to work.

A new found optimism started to drive some amazing transformations.

I’m here to tell you it is really possible to have that same zest for life we took for granted in our youth? health, wealth & happiness…freedom to enjoy the best rest of our lives! can be yours. I firmly believe the best is yet to come.

Left to Right Mark, Zac, Joanne & Joe. City Beach Christmas 2015
  • Revolutionary, natural cure from the 20-year-old chronic joint pain, muscle tears and foot pain… I felt stronger through my bodies full range of movement now than at any point in my life.
  • Joyful to be injury free, able to exercise, train and challenge me in sporting events. My athletic performance now is better than 20 years younger. It’s at an all-time high! Sure to improve in sports I’ve just taken up, but to be producing personal bests in sports I’ve practiced all my life at 49, set when 20…That’s mind-blowing!
  • Simple changes to my diet gave me incredible energy…I cant remember the last time I was struck down with illness, even a common cold.
  • A combination of the diet and a super quick functional exercise regime, targeting the whole body, has my belly fat falling off and a return of my lean muscle definition, reminding me of my 25-year-old self.
  • Who else wants to be free of the mental doom and despondency. You can accomplish great things in the last third of your life… Get the mindset right and abundance will follow and opportunities will present themselves.
  • It’s not too late to start a financial plan and really make the last third of your working life count…towards the ever appreciating income, up to retirement and beyond…come join me.


If you have got this far down, firstly I’m honored, secondly, I think you’re in for a treat and might just change your life for the better

I believe we don’t have to accept what’s dished out …The reason I created this site, was to help over 50year old’s like ourselves to counteract the effects of middle age, and propel ourselves towards the Best Rest Of Our Lives!’

It’s not just the timeline of where we are on life’s journey, it’s the experience we have gathered along the way. I will make it my mission that every post, video, report and cheat sheet has in some way got to make our lives richer.

To do this, I am going to share with you a selection of professionally produced media to set the tone, add to that my own personal experience. Then together we can explore… the latest tips from ‘world-renowned’ mid-lifestyle experts and mentors.

I love to wax lyrical about the challenges we face as middle-aged men and women with respect to what we EAT, how we EXERCISE and HEAL ourselves. Our mental health, in developing a forceful MINDSET, armed with this renewed energy, to create WEALTH and FREEDOM to enjoy… the BEST rest of your life.

If you have anything interesting that you want to share, or any opinions about the content, please drop me a line. I love feedback in all its many forms.

If you ever need any feedback or support regarding the creation of your own Midlife Masterpiece I would be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below, visit my site regularly or alternatively sign up for my FREE  ‘Midlife Overhaul’ Media Package and start to create your own Midlife Masterpiece.


Thank You, All the Best in Middle Age… Midlife Mark

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